The word vaccines derived from Vacca meaning Cow.

it was firstly given by the Edward Jenner as he had used the material( cowpox) from the cow for immunization against the small pox by cross reactivity.

vaccines is use to generate the Memory response in T cell or B cell this is the primary goal of active immunization.           



 Vaccination is active immunization to increase the immuno response along with generation of the memory cell against the desired pathogen or foreign body.

Edward Jenner and Louis Pasture are recognized as the pioneer of vaccination. 

Features of Vaccination:

  1.  It should be act as immunogen( generate immuno response)
  2.  should be stable.
  3. easy to handeling.
  4. storable for some period.
  5. -not cause disease to self to host person( who got vaccines) 
  6. cost should be less so many people can buy.




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